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About Delicias

The DELICIAS story began in1992, with founder, Carlos Montoya. Carlos, concerned for the safety of his family, immigrated from a turbulent Peru that was amidst a dangerous civil war led by a guerrilla group commonly known as the Shining Path. This communist group terrorized Peru from the 1980s and through the 2000s. 

With hopes of a better life and future, Carlos hoped to realize the American dream by identifying and satisfying the absence of Peruvian desserts in the local market. Peruvian restaurants, namely the chicken joints, seemed to start popping up on every corner in Northern Virginia. However, Peruvian pastries and desserts were missing.


Carlitos, equipped with a secret Alfajor family recipe, began as the provider of Alfajores and Piononos for Edy's Chicken and Steak Restaurant off of Leesburg Pike in Bailey's Crossroads. Seeing the opportunity in a growing industry, Carlos grew alongside the Peruvian chicken restaurant boom.


Today, DELICIAS is the largest Peruvian dessert servicer in the area. Through 50+ food establishments, over 2 million Alfajores have been enjoyed by our loyal customers in the area. These irresistible treats have brought "mmmms" beyond the States, having traveled with our customers all over the globe from Japan, Argentina, Spain and more!


We thank you customer, for your continual support throughout the years!

Founder, Carlitos Montoya, with a secret family recipe, started working towards his dream all out of his own kitchen.
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